The Trout Angler

(A writing to Dewey Gillespie from a very respected friend AJH)


The angler's true skill or knowledge is not measured by the size of his quarry.  Some of the greatest fishers have been masters only of the learned trout of small streams, fish smaller than the baits used for tuna or marlin.  Although the general public takes no notice of his efforts, the catcher of educated trout has become a hero and legend among those who understand his achievements.  There has been more written and studied about these smaller fishes than about any others.

In their intimacy with civilization they have become more difficult subjects than wilderness fish or fish of distant seas.  Such fish are not for the casual or hurried angler.  Those who understand the ways of the trout and the food they eat, and how to make artificial lures to represent that food, are the natural fishers.  They know the why, when and how.