Small Flies

(A writing to Dewey Gillespie from a very respected friend AJH)

Lord James Murray

 Once, a few years back, on the Northwest Miramichi River, New Brunswick, I rose a fine salmon to a #16 fly, but after that he steadfastly refused to come to look at any of my #16s.  Lunchtime passed, and finally, I felt I must give up and leave the pool.  Before leaving I decided on a final cast or two with a #12 fly to see if it would make a difference.  It did.  The fish rose and was hooked.

When I brought him to the scales he drew them down to a full 14 pounds.  Next time I'll stick with the #16s when a fish I rise is big and conditions are fair for ultra-light fishing.  Over the years I have taken three salmon of over 12 pounds on #16 flies, each an exciting adventure in the playing of a great fish.