Gusbur Glaspie

Written by Dewey H. Gillespie / 1998

He should have just stayed at home. That would have been the best thing to do, but no, he couldn't do the smart thing. Instead, he sneaked out of the house without anyone knowing and now found himself alone in the North Woods standing there with the rifle anchored tight to his shoulder and looking over the comb of the stock trying to find the rifle's sights. Try as he may he could not find the ever so familiar V-groove he had aimed hundreds of times in practice, practice for that dreamed about moment that had now come. Though he was unable to get the rifle sight in focus there was no trouble seeing the quarry beyond the end of the gun barrel as it walked slowly toward him, unknowing that the holder of death was but the weight of a trigger-pull away.

Gusbur Glaspie was proud as a peacock for being able to successfully stalk and trick the animal in the North Woods. He had beaten the beast in a game of hide and seek. Gusbur was the winner and all he had to do now was collect his prize and go home.

His eyes began to water and he started trembling. For a brief second he thought for sure he would faint. The trembling became uncontrollable and he felt a bead of sweat run down the middle of his back. That single drop of perspiration felt ice-like as it run along his spine and between the cheeks of his ass.

The night was just giving way to the light of morning when Gusbur Glaspie left the house. He'd been on the trail of his quarry since daylight after picking up the fresh tracks in the snow, about ten minutes after he left home. Gusbur knew the animal was close at hand for he had seen its tracks last night near the outhouse, when he went to relieve himself and fetch the night's supply of firewood.

He first noticed the animal as it lowered its head to feed. Whatever it had been eating it devoured quickly and turned and headed strait toward Gus. The animal's bold move took Gusbur totally by surprise. Had the sequence of events not happened so quickly Gusbur could have dispatched it without it being the wiser, but now the animal was bearing down on him. The situation quickly changed and Gusbur felt like he was now the quarry, being stalked and ready to be pounced upon.

At a distance of about eight feet the animal stopped dead in its tracks. It jerked its head upward and stared Gusbur straight in the eyes. The animal looked like a stone, dead still, just like Gusbur. Neither the hunter nor the hunted moved a muscle, not a blink, a twitch, not even a breath. Gusbur could feel his legs weaken, and was more conscious of his trembling. He felt sick to his stomach and didn't know whether to run away, shoot, shout, shit, or what to do. He was paralyzed, unable to move.

The harder his eyes strained the more he lost sight of the animal. His eyes watered because he hadn't been blinking for fear of scaring the animal. For milli-seconds the animal would be clearly visible and then it would disappear. When Gusbur couldn't make out the animal he became more excited than ever, then as the animal's form reappeared Gusbur calmed. This occurrence seemed to repeat itself a thousand times in no time.

So, here he was, the moment had come. What would he do now? Shit, or get off the pot? No, shoot or get off the pot. Either way he would have to do something, and do it quick, before the quarry got a chance to react after detecting him. The animal would be quick as lightning and there was no telling how it would react or what it would do if startled. Gusbur was under a lot of stress. Closer and closer, inch by foot come the animal, seemingly unaware of Gusbur standing dead centre in its path.

Suddenly the animal reacted. As quick as lightning it made several, quick jumps and disappeared behind a thick growth of low hanging evergreens to its right. Gus knew it was gone forever, and he would never see it again. As Gusbur stared at the left-behind empty tracks he could only imagine what his father would be saying when he found out what happened, "You Dummy! Hunter me arse! You couldn't capture a jeezlis Sasquatch if you had him locked in the shithouse. Why would you let that jeezlis rabbit get away? Ya shoulda just stayed home!"