Salt Water Fly Fishing

(A writing to Dewey Gillespie from a very respected friend AJH)


The field of salt-water fly-fishing is hardly touched. While there are a handful of anglers who could write volumes on the subject, there are thousand more who do not know about the unlimited possibilities of the fly rod in the many tidal rivers, bays, coves, and salt ponds of our coastline. Unfortunately, the majority of fishermen who have not discovered this phase of fishing think in terms of clothesline and winches when the word "salt-water fishing" is mentioned. It is my opinion that, with the disheartening thinning-out of our inland water fish population and the pressures from industry on our streams and rivers become greater each year, a large majority of fresh water fishermen will turn to salt water in the near future. Perhaps to some worthwhile degree such a turnabout might improve the outlook for fresh water fishing in the years to come.