Salmon Wet Flies

(A writing to Dewey Gillespie from a very respected friend AJH)

Lee Blue

          Many thousands of variations and patterns of salmon flies have been tied and tried at one time or another.  Small differences, such as replacing half a dozen blue fibers with the same number in green, or changing the ribbing wire from silver to gold, are often held to make the difference between a salmon captured and a fishless day.  No human knows just how important these small variations actually are to the salmon, but it is certain they are thoroughly appreciated by most salmon anglers.

          It is pertinent to ask by what stretch of the imagination one can feel that a salmon, whose worldwide terrestrial experience is nonexistent, could possibly be expected to tell whether a bit of feather in a fly came from a rare bird in India and was natural, or was dyed and came originally from a chicken or a duck that was raised in New Brunswick.  If a salmon had any inkling the fly was made up of feathers at all he would most certainly spurn it.