Ronald Long

Ronald Robert “Chine” Long
(1924 – 1999)
Claire, New Brunswick

Fly Tyer, Angler and Guide

Claire, New Brunswick is located in a panhandle between the Province of Quebec and the State of Maine and it is in the beautiful Republic of Madawaska. 
Ronald Robert “Chine” Long was born in Clair on June 13, 1924.  He was the son of the late Gertrude and Albany Long, descendant of John Phillip Long.
As a young boy Ronald was very active and had a tremendous love for the outdoors.  He was fascinated with nature and at every opportunity would travel the forest, lakes and streams exploring and learning everything he could about the animals, birds and plants that lived in Mother Nature’s home.  As he got older he began hunting and fishing and in his early teens he began tying flies. 
When Ronald started tying flies in the early 1940’s he was the youngest fly tyer in his area.  He was self taught, but learned a lot about fly tying from a small bluish book that was put out by Herters.  He was very well known for his prowess. 
Ronald loved promoting fly tying especially through the younger people.  Being the leader of the local Boy Scouts in Claire he was able to pass his information about fly tying to many of the Troop.  One of his fly tying students and member of his Scout Troop was Carmel (Sea Otter) Boulay) who went on to become a well known fly tyer in his own right in the northern area of New Brunswick.
            Ronald, who was a traveling salesman for many years, traveled on the road a lot and therefore was able to sell many flies during his travels.  Being a salesman afforded him the opportunity to make many contacts that assisted him in being able to obtain fly tying materials and equipment.  One of these his suppliers of material was Globe Imports in Quebec.  There was also a store in Fort Kent, Maine, called Nadeau’s Furniture.  It was the only store in the immediate area where he could purchase materials and equipment for tying flies also.
He tied mostly trout flies for capturing the speckled beauties in the upper northeast regions of New Brunswick.  He tied a lot of hackle flies and streamers.  Starting out he focused mainly on wet flies and then dry flies and loved the Wulff series.  He also tied the fully dressed patterns.  The Dark Montreal, Silver Doctor and Mickey Finn were usual patterns on his list of favorites to tie.  His favorite fly however was the Dark Montreal, which he loved fishing and tying on a #8 hook.  He tied flies well into his sixties and always encouraged people in the area, especially the younger people, to tie.  He taught his son, Bernard, the basics of fly tying when Bernard was only 9-years old.  As of 2007 Bernard Long is still an avid fly tyer.  He did some angling for salmon, but the trout were his primary target.
He loved to guide and fished mostly in northern Quebec with the Sports from the United States.  They spent a lot of time fishing the St. Francis River, Glazer Lake and the headwaters around the Province of New Brunswick, State of Maine and Quebec
            When I spoke to members of Ronald Long’s family in 2005 they immediately addressed Ronald as “Chine” and of course I had to know how he got the name.  They told me that Ronald had very dark hair and many people thought he was Chinese.  It was because of this that Ronald inherited the nickname “Chine”.  This name stuck with him throughout his life, and he never objected to it.  
Ronald worked as a Custom’s Officer for about a decade before moving to Montreal in 1958 where he worked in the clothing business.  He was a traveling salesman specializing in all types of made to measure clothing from sports jackets to industrial wear.  A few years before retiring he started a little business and recruited people to do sewing for him so when he move back to New Brunswick he could continue selling his garments.  Around 1977-78 he moved back to New Brunswick, but during the nearly twenty years he lived in Quebec he had never abandoned his home province of New Brunswick for in June of every year he would return with his family to enjoy fishing for landlocked salmon in Glazier Lake.  He was a very good fly fisherman and knew a lot of secret places for trout.  He could cast a fly with grace and precision and would make many a trout rise to the occasion.  His largest catch was a trout weighing 6 pounds.         
            Ronald Long was a good man, a hard worker who devoted years of his time for the betterment of his community.  He became Mayor of Claire in 1986 and held that distinguished seat until his untimely death on February 14, 1999 at the age of seventy five.
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                   Grey Hackle tied by Ronald Long                                      Mickey Finn tied by Ronald Long


Joe’s Hopper tied by Ronald Long