Return to the Pond

(A writing to Dewey Gillespie from a very respected friend AJH)

He was middle aged when he came back to the pond. He held the heavy bamboo fly rod high to keep his elbows clear and made short casts with a dry fly.  He let it lie for several seconds, twitched it ever so slightly, and repeated the small movement several times. If there was no response, he picked it up and moved a step or two. The strike might come loudly and without warning, but often there was a perceptible bulge or moving V of wake before the fish took.

The pond was becoming very difficult to fish, vegetation was appearing in areas that before had been clear.  He came back to the pond as an old man.  What had once been a well-used path to the pond was now grown up with trees and weeds.  No fishing was being done.  The pond was much smaller and covered with a heavy green scum, now impossible to fish.