Paul Malcolm Gillespie

 Paul Malcolm Gillespie was born on July 18, 1941 in the Village of Blackville, New Brunswick.  He is the son of Guila E. (nee Johnson) and the late Maxwell Oriole Gillespie.

Paul started tying flies at the age of sixteen.  Like most New Brunswick fly tiers, he is self-taught, but along the way he received some helpful hints from the famous fly tiers, Everett Price, Wallace Doak, Charles DeFeo and Ron Alcott.

Paul Gillespie 1995

 In 1969, he started tying commercially for W. W. Doak in Doaktown, New Brunswick.  The years of experience there developed and honed his tying ability to a point where he could tie a “Cosseboom” in less than four minutes, providing the materials were previously cut and arranged.  Forty years later, Paul Gillespie continues to tie flies.  Now he ties for the same reason he started tying forty years ago, the fun and enjoyment of it.  He continues learning more about the art every time he sits at the vice.  He is an excellent fly tier, especially in the strip-wing versions.  Some of his fully dressed feather-wing flies are on display at the Miramichi Salmon Museum, and he has tied flies and provided detailed fly pattern information for entry in several fly-tying books.       

Paul's favourite fully dressed feather-wing fly has always been the “Green Highlander.”  His favourite hair-wing fly is a “Cosseboom.” For fishing he favours a fly called the “Preacher.”  He has caught many fish on this fly and notes that it is tied without a wing.  He caught his largest fish when he was 18 years old.  He landed the twenty-two pound salmon at the “Doctor's Island Pool” in Blackville, New Brunswick.

Paul is also an excellent caster. He can deliver a fly to within a button-sized mark, near the lie of a fish.  Such skill contributes to his success as an angler. 

Paul guided for many years to supplement his income.  He still guides today on a casual basis.  His quiet, gentle manner and river knowledge makes him a number one guide of choice for the outfitter and the visiting sportsman. 

When asked about his favourite river, without hesitation, he chooses the Cains.  Paul believes the river has a difference all its own.  “There is a silence on the Cains that envelops me with an unbelievable feeling of peace and contentment”, says Paul.  “I feel privileged to stand in its waters and cast a fly to the fish that school through it.” 




Miramichi Cosseboom tied by Paul Gillespie 1997


Head:                      Black

Rib:                         Oval gold tinsel

Tail:                        Green hackle fibers

Body:                     Dark green floss or yarn

Rib:                         Oval gold tinsel

Wing:                     Gray Squirrel tail

Collar:                     Yellow hackle




         Renous Special and Dungarvon           






Black Fairy


All flies in this presentation were tied by Paul Gillespie in 1997