More Fly Tyers of New Brunswick

This is an additional listing of fly tyers of New Brunswick, if you are, or know of anyone else who ties flies in New Brunswick send the information along to me at or Remove the # sign to get the message through as it is antispammed.

Fly Tyers Query
Last Name First Name City
Allen Steve Miramichi City
Allport Charles Fredericton
Arbeau Mathew
Armstrong Derek Riverview
Arseneault Jean-Noel Bathurst
Babin Bernard Irishtown
Baker Rene Restigouche
Baker Roger Restigouche
Banks Robert Riverview
Barnett Chris Moncton
Barnett Geoffrey Moncton
Barrieau Herman Dieppe
Barthe Leo Bathurst
Beek Virginia Doaktown
Best Margaret Stanley
Best Michael St Stephen
Black Adam Salisbury
Bollock Renate Boiestown
Bourque Jack Bathurst
Bowser Robert Moncton
Boyd Robert Moncton
Bremner Dale Riverbend
Brewer Bill Saint John
Brislain Michael Fredericton
Caissie Alain Buctouche
Caissie Marc Moncton
Campbell Herman Upper Blackville
Carrier Luc Edmundston
Chaulk Melba Riverview
Clark Peter Nashwaak
Clarke Andrew Riverview
Clarke John Moncton
Colford Floyd Howards
Collins Joseph Moncton
Comeau Vincent Tracadie
Cormier Guy Saint John
Cormier Jean-Guy Campbellton
Cormier Scott Moncton
Coughlan Tyler
Coughlan Tyson
Crossman Raymond Riverveiw
Cunnison Neil Moncton
Curtis Hartley Blackville
Darryl Tucker Barnetteville
Davis Jack St. Stephen
Delaney Mark Riverview
Despres Maurice Cocagne
Dobson Garry Riverview
Dobson Gordon Hillsborough Rd
Dobson Jeremy Riverview
Doncaster Scott Moncton
Donelle Clarence Dieppe
Donovan Colby
Donovan Shane
Doucette Bruce Riverview
Douglas Scott Indian Mountain
Druet Terry Miramichi City
Dunnett Boyd Moncton
Dyer Luke Edmundston
Earl Lawrence
Eisenhauer Harry St Louis
Elson Paul Saint John
Estabrooks Clinton Moncton
Estey Greg Doaktown
Fanning Zane Riverview
Foote Arnold Riverview
Forrest Berton Miramichi City
Francis Leonard Elsipogtog
Francoeur Gerald Beresford
Gable Gerald Woodstock
Gallant Alfred Restigouche
Gallant Mark Restigouche
Gaudet Maurice Moncton
Geldart Dale Salisbury
Giffin Randy Saint John
Gillespie Paul Doaktown
Giouard Jacqueline St Marys
Girouard Richard Shediac
Godin Ronald Dieppe
Goguen Terry Fredericton
Gouchie Mike Miramichi City
Hachey Ronald Riverview
Haines Cederic Fredericton
Halfpenny Dale Lutes Mountain
Haney Douglas St.Stephen
Hawley John Riverview
Hazelwood Eric Apohaqui
Heroux Jacques Dieppe
Hickey Patricia Stanley
Hovey Ivan "Ike" Hartland
Hubbard Mrs.Joe Miramichi City
Jagoe Ronald Miramichi City
Jardine John Moncton
Johnston Fred Riverview
Johnstone John Moncton
Jones Jeff Moncton
Kay Allen Dieppe
Kaye Donald LutesMountain
Knockwood Andrew Fort Folley
LeBlanc Bertin Moncton
LeBlanc Charles Riverview
LeBlanc Leonard Moncton
LeBlanc Marc Moncton
LeBlanc Stephan St Charles
Leger Chris Dieppe
Leger Walter Moncton
Levesque Pierre Moncton
Lyons Calvin Doaktown
Lyons John Doaktown
Mabey Kim Hillsborough
MacDonald Oscar Hartland
MacDonnell David Shediac
MacFarlane Donald Moncton
MacGregor Shane Moncton
Madore Marc Blackville
Matthews Wilmore Sidney Sillikers
McAleenan Charles Bathurst
McGraw Paul Saint John
McMacken Eric Petitcodiac
McNulty Francis Saint John
Melanson Normand Moncton
Mersereau Fred Boiestown
Michaud Pierre Moncton
Mitton Early Moncton
Moroz Don Moncton
Morrison Paul Hartland
Munn Sandy Boiestown
Murray Dale Moncton
Myers Randy Hillsborough
Nelson Murray Saint John
Nixon Don Hartland
Oatway Dr Arthur Moncton
O'Brien Gary Moncton
O'Brien Gilles Cap Pele
Parks Edward Lea Saint John
Peter-Paul Lemey Red Bank
Pickrell Harry Saint John
Plourde Geoffrey Saint John
Poplar Peter Moncton
Porter Don Saint John
Price Kyle Priceville
Pugh John Fredericton
Ramsey Robert Moncton
Ramsey George Moncton
Richard Randy Moncton
Rickard Craig Riverview
Robichaud Gerald St Marys
Roy Raymond Pokemouche
Rule Florence Shediac
Schofield Richard Saint John
Sears Fred Riverview
Shaw Dwayne Juniper
Sherlock Stephen Saint John
Sinclair James Moncton
Smith James Lutes Mountain
Smith Douglas Riverview
Smith Richard Salisbury
Snodgrass Donnie Saint John
Sock Harry Elsipogtog
Speakman Albert Edward Hartland
Spencer David Dieppe
Spencer Gary Ward Settlement
St.Amour Peter Riverveiw
Stairs Kirk Woodstock
Steeves Charlie Woodstock
Steeves Dale Salisbury
Storey Van Doaktown
Story Tyler Priceville
Sturgeon Bryce
Sturgeon Lloyd Blackville
Sutherland Dale Dover
Swazey Vincent Boiestown
Tower Luke Riverview
Tucker Jenna Barnetteville
Tucker Darryl Barnetteville
Underhill Hubert
Underhill Hubert Blackville
White Lee
White Chris Salisbury
Wilbur Greg Moncton
Wilson Frank Marysville
Wilson Frank Nashwaak
Wood Sandy Fredericton
Wright Keith Woodstock

“Where The Rivers Meet”

The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick the 2nd Time Around

By Dewey H. Gillespie


“Where The Rivers Meet” The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick is the creation of Miramichi natives Dewey H. Gillespie and Walter Francis “Budd” Kitchen.  Since the early 1990’s they have collected and promoted information on New Brunswick Fly Tyers and now they wish to share this information with you.  The Fly Tyers represented in this collection were selected to acknowledge the contribution they made to the art of fly tying in the Province of New Brunswick.

Dewey and “Budd” graciously contribute this article to be published for your reading enjoyment.

 Copyright   © 2009

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