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Inductees To The Atlantic Salmon Hall of Fame
Doaktown, New Brunswick


* Fly Tyers of New Brunswick



Jack Fenety Conservationist Charles P. Wade Outfitter
Griff-InnsOutfitters Outfitters Ira Gruber  Fly Tyer, Angler
Everett Lyons Angler  Maxwell O. Gillespie (78 yrs) Guide
Wilson "Bing" Russell Guide D'Arcy O'Donnell *   Fly Tyer
Wallace W. Doak*  Fly Tyer



Eldred DeWolfe-Bailey  Conservationist Father Elmer James Smith Angler & Fly Tyer
Wilson's Sporting Camps Outfitter Herman H. Campbell Outfitter
12. John Morrisey Storey Guide & Fly Tyer Daniel T.Carr * Fly Tyer
Clifford Gordon Rutledge Angler & Outfitter Bertram Myles Miner* Guide & Fly Tyer
Everett Price* Fly Tyer



Alexander Price Guide Walter Lorex (Rex) Freeze Conservationist
Harold C. Lyons Caretaker Edward A. "Ted" Crosby Outfitter
Herley H. Calhoun  Outfitter John A. Brophy Guide
Hedleigh Fitzgerald McCloskey Angler



George Donald Guide George Robinson Guide
Frederick W Swazey Outfitter Charles Norrad Outfitter
Vincent Swazey Outfitter & Fly Tyer Herbert Wade Conservationist & Outfitter
John (Jack) Sullivan* Fly Tyer
John (Jack) MacKay Conservationist



Katherine Lillian Bamford  Benefactor George T. Allen,Neil H. Allen Outfitter
Louise Mitchell Bamford Benefactor J. Harry Allen,Wendell V. Allen Outfitter
Wilfred M. Carter (B.Sc.,D.Sc Conservationist Fred Fowler Guide
Robert Bowne Coburn Angler J. Audrey MacKinnon Benefactor
Harold Stewart Guide William R. MacKinnon  Benefactor



 Henry McDaniel Conservationist George Copp Guide, Camp Manager
Vicki Oland Mills Conservationist Dorothy McCormack Cook
Alex Mills Conservationist Patrick Stewart Guide,Woodsman, Conservationist
Frank Munn Guide
Arlie Wynn Conservationist



Thomas Boyde Outfitter Donn H. Byrne  Benefactor, Outfitter and Angler
William J. (Bill) Boyde Outfitter Murray A. Calhoun Outfitter
 Ernest J. Long Guide Ralph Gilks  Outfitter, Fly Tyer
Emerson George Carr Guide Phyllis Gilks Outfitter
 Wayne Curtis Conservationist, Author Lloyd Waugh Guide
 Ernest J. Long Guide



Queenie (Hovey) Bruce Camp Manager, Cook, Fly Tyer D. George Amos Guide
Vincent Henry Hunter Guide Patrick Weldon Brophy Guide
Guide Gordon DeForest Hurd Angler, Conservationis
Kenneth M. Jonah Builder, Conservationist, Angler



J.C. Clovis Arseneault* Fly Tyer Richard Adams Guide
Melvin "Mel" James  Brophy Guide Roy Curtis Guide
Alexander "Sandy" Price, Jr Guide, Fly Tyer Guy Silliker* Guide, Fly Tyer
Eldon Alexander Taylor Builder



Chris Brophy Guide Dewey Hamilton Gillespie* Historian, Author, Guide, Fly Tyer
William Freeman "Billy" Brown * Fly Tyer Morris Vernon Green Founding Director, Salmon Hall of Fame
Aubrey Long Guide & Fly Tyer  James Allen Matchett Sr. Camp Manager & Guide
 Ted Williams Conservationist James Joseph Matchett Jr. Camp Manager & Guide
2003 2004
Benedict Theophilus "Ben" Connell* Fly Tyer, Angler J.W. "Budd" Bird Conservationist
Elroy Willis Price Guide George Wilson Campbell Guide, Angler
Wilson Alijah Storey Guide The Lyon's Den Outfitters
William Hazen Lyons
Calvin Oppman Lyons
2005 2006
George Routledge * Fly Tyer W.F. "Budd" Kitchen * Fly Tyer
Clayton Stewart Guide Emerson O'Dell Underhill* Fly Tyer
Oran Lyons Camp Caretaker The Wilson Ladies Outfitters
Esther Lyons-Clowater Camp Cook Sarah Wilson Camp Manager
Clara Wilson Camp Manager
Ethel Wilson Camp Manager
93. Mervin Green Camp Manager, Guide
2007 2008
Vincent Eldridge Beek Guide, Woodsman, and conservationist William Arlington Bamford Outfitter, Guide, Angler, Fly Tyer
Floyd Charles Gaston Guide and Camp Manager George Montgomery Curtis Outfitter, Professional Guide, Angler
Lewis Bryant Freeman * Fly Tyer Master Fly Tyer 
Jerome Francis Molloy  *
Alden MacKay / Mavis O'Donnell Songwriter / Singer
Donald and Hudson (Tompy) MacKay GUIDE    
William Basco (Willy) (deceased) GUIDE    
The Rev. Walter Chandler Lynch* Fly Tyer    
Jacques Heroux, * Fly Tyer    

* Fly Tyers of New Brunswick

Perley Alonzo O'Donnell

“Where The Rivers Meet”

The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick the 2nd Time Around

By Dewey H. Gillespie


“Where The Rivers Meet” The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick is the creation of Miramichi natives Dewey H. Gillespie and Walter Francis “Budd” Kitchen.  Since the early 1990’s they have collected and promoted information on New Brunswick Fly Tyers and now they wish to share this information with you.  The Fly Tyers represented in this collection were selected to acknowledge the contribution they made to the art of fly tying in the Province of New Brunswick.

Dewey and “Budd” graciously contribute this article to be published for your reading enjoyment.

 Copyright   © 2007

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