Golden Dream
The Oyster River Flood
The Bombers are Coming
Frontier Faith
The First Lawlor
The Deer Starved
Bounty Hunters
A Giant of a Dog
My First Deer
The Deer Starved
The Lighted Ball Field
Shot Down Over Germany
The Cripple
Heads and Hooves
He was a Forerunner
A Raise in Pay
Joe's Watch
The Flywheel
Paul's Car
A Blood Transfusion
You Could Paper the Ends
It Saved Them
Hunting with Pocohantas
The Pope and King Billy
Fred Butler Stories
Bad Luck Camp
How Sheephouse Got its Name
Clayton Foran Stories
John Godfrey Stories
I Never got Him Home
Lewis Hare Stories
Sonny Hare Stories
A Ghost at the Window
John Hyland Stories
Jimmy Willy Fitzgerald
Where in Hell did he Go