Miramichi Song

The Banks of the River Called Miramichi

by Rev. Dale Petley

Fairy Queen

There’s a river whose waters are known everywhere,

Men sing of her salmon and beauty so fair.

She’s famous, yet hidden, a great mystery,

I sing of the river called Miramichi.


I was born on her banks where I shed my first tear,

In the time of Black Salmon, the Spring of the year.

And I sang my first hymn on my Grandmother’s knee,

Near the swift running waters of the Miramichi.



Let us sing of a river so wild and so free.

She’s timeless, yet changing, She flows to the sea.

No place short of Heaven, where I’d rather be.

Than the banks of the river called Miramichi.


My father drove logs on the river with skill,

As young as I was I remember it still.

He went to the war so we’d always be free,

He fought for his family and the Miramichi.


As a boy I would swim in her waters so cool,

When older, I guided the sports through the pools.

And often the guides were just young lads like me,

Revealing the secrets of the Miramichi.




Like many before me I moved far away,

In search of adventure, employment and pay.

But this place where I’m living is not home to me,

I long for the banks of the Miramichi.


Some struggle for power and silver and gold,

Some think life can be bought and happiness sold.

But anyone’s poor who’s unable to see,

The beauty and splendors of the Miramichi.

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