(A writing to Dewey Gillespie from a very respected friend AJH)


Canada's best-kept secret

The recent revitalized downtown of the former Chatham and Newcastle reflect the optimism of the city's residents; an optimism that has swelled to provide public and private support for transportation, education, health care and the arts.

          The city is an anchor for Canada's pulp and paper and shipping industry, while remaining a cultural Mecca and a "must see" for those who are awakening to Miramichi's natural beauty and spiritual strength.     

Miramichi City is the gateway to one of the most famous Atlantic salmon rivers in the world.  The Miramichi River is the main artery of a waterway system fed by world-renowned tributary rivers.  It plays host to kings, queens and people of wealth, fame and power from all over the world who come here in pursuit of the greatest sport fish on earth - the Atlantic salmon.  The Miramichi is a river system that deserves and receives the highest praise and recognition from the people that it entertains.  It is a river system where people are as special and important as the river itself.  Miramichiers should never have to be reminded how special we are, but in order to prevent us from taking for granted the importance of what we have, we must remind ourselves to protect the river and its people's history.  Thus, it will be preserved for the present and enriched for the future.