Jerry Wallace Doak

Jerry Wallace Doak was born in Doaktown on December 19, 1956.  He is the son of the late Bertha (nee Amos) and Wallace “Wally” Doak. 


 Jerry Wallace Doak 1995


Jerry is a second generation of a famous fly tying family. As a child he spent a good part of his time in and around his father's tackle shop.  At the age of 14 he began tying flies. Gradually, he developed a keen interest in the business and worked with his father throughout his teenage years.  Under Wally's watchful eye, his fly tying skill was cultivated.  Before long, he was able to tie commercially for the shop.  He continued to do so throughout high school, during his summer months, and while studying English and Philosophy at University of New Brunswick. In 1977, due to his father's illness, Jerry left university.

            When Wallace Doak died in 1979, Jerry, who grew up in the business, took over the shop.  Jerry prides himself in his father's philosophy.

            “Dad had a deep sense of personal and professional integrity.  He had a very strong concept of fair treatment for all customers, regardless of their station in life or the amount of money in their pocket.  When a customer came into the shop, they were simply “all fishermen” to Dad.”

            Today, the W. W. Doak tackle shop employs two full time staff as well as several part time fly tiers.  Their mail order catalogue is widely circulated throughout Canada and the United States. 

In 1998, Canada Post released a collection of 12 X 45 cent stamps.  Included in the collection are flies tied by Eric Baylis, Rob Brown, Evan Egan, Paul LeBlanc, Art Lingren, and Jerry Doak.  Jerry tied the “Lady Amherst” for the collection.  It is a 1925 pattern by George Bonbright; a classic featherwing for Atlantic Salmon on rivers like Quebec’s Grand Cascapedia.  The fly, like Jerry and Wallace Doak, is steeped in the traditions of New Brunswick’s famous Miramichi River.

Jerry lives in Doaktown with his wife, Bonnie (nee Sobey) and their three children, Melanie, Matthew and Megan.

In 1995 Jerry Doak became a member of Where The Rivers Meet “The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick” collection. 


  W.F. “Budd” Kitchen with Jerry Doak at the Fly Tyers of New Brunswick exhibition in Miramichi 1996


 “Loggie” tied by Jerry Doak in 1995