Herman Cleveland Hare

 1904 – 1979


Herman Cleveland Hare was born on January 6, 1904 in Curventon, New Brunswick.  In 1929, he moved to Sunny Corner, New Brunswick where he lived the remainder of his life.  He was the son of the late Nancy (nee Curtis) and Murdock Hare.            Herman worked at many different jobs.  As a young man he was a lumberman and guide.  He spent many days guiding sportsmen for Jack Hare and Bill Craig on the Northwest Miramichi River.  He guided frequently for the Hills, on the south branch of the Sevogle River, but he loved the Northwest Miramichi River more than any other.           In 1933 he built a store, which he operated until the 1970s.  He also worked as the foreman for bridge building with the Provincial Department of Public Works until 1962.  In 1962, Herman Hare had a serious accident, which left him paralysed and confined to a wheel chair. 


 Herman C. Hare 1967


Herman started tying flies in 1965.  It began as a hobby, but when he discovered he could sell his flies he turned his fly tying hobby into a small-scale commercial business. A great number of local people and visiting sportsmen used his flies.  The knowledge acquired from his many days fishing for salmon seemed to provide him with an ability to match salmon flies to suit the river conditions. Many a sportsman would go to Herman and describe the river conditions where the fish were. Herman would ask them questions about the river’s height, water flow and clarity, and then he would tie a new fly pattern, or alter a standard salmon fly pattern that would in many instances catch a salmon in that particular part of the river.


 Herman C. Hare 1972


Herman enjoyed tying the standard patterns, but he experimented and developed some of his own patterns that were very successful too.  He didn't bother to name his creations.  When any of his flies proved successful for the angler, and anyone asked what the fish was caught on, the angler would simply say, “It's one that Herman tied up.”  Herman liked all the patterns, but he especially liked tying the “Blue Charm” and the “Silver Grey.” His favourite fly was probably the “Blue Charm.”  John Henderson bought flies form Herman, and every time, Herman would tell John to be sure and take a “Blue Charm.” 

            Herman Hare's fly tying lasted only 14 years, but during that time he became as well known to the people along the Little Southwest and Northwest Miramichi Rivers and its tributaries as W.W. Doak was known to the residents and visitors on the Main Southwest Miramichi. 

Herman C. Hare was a gentle, generous and loving man. He respected the environment and everything that depended on it for survival.  He was so aware of what it had to offer and he tried to instil that awareness in others.


Hubert Hare Special


Tag:      Silver tinsel

Tail:      Golden Pheasant crest

Butt:     Green wool or floss

Rib:      Oval silver tinsel

Body:   Flat silver tinsel

Wing:   Black Squirrel or Black Bear hair

Throat: Black hackle

Head:   Black







Herman Hare guiding in the 1950’s





Thunder and Lightning tied by Herman Hare



Flies tied by Herman Hare circa 1970