Herbert John “Herbie” Barry


Herbert John Barry, son of Lola (nee Laven) and Herbert Barry, was born in Oshawa, Ontario on August 18, 1969.  They moved to the Village of Blackville in 1974 where they settled in his grandfather’s home just a short distance from the Southwest Miramichi River.

It didn’t take Herbie very long to find the river and figure out that it was a place for fun and pleasure. 



Herbie tying Streamers on March 30, 2005


He started tying flies in 1993, which was about the same time he started fishing Atlantic salmon.  He was buying his flies locally, but from time to time he would saunter into the fly tying shop of George Routledge in Renous.  He would hang around the shop with his ears honed in on the stories and yarns from the anglers who congregated at George’s little shop. Sometimes he would cast his two cents worth into the conversations, but he could never match the tales that were spun by the other anglers.

He took a keen interest in George Routledge tying flies, and George picked up on this.  George knew what was on young Barry’s mind and he ever so gently lured him in to the wonderful world of fly tying.  Herbie couldn’t resist before long found himself in possession of a fly tying vice, fur, feathers, hooks and all kinds of other materials for tying flies.  “It happened that quick. I got caught, or hooked, real fast on fly tying and I haven’t been able to break free.  I don’t mind because I’m having a lot of fun.  I have a little fly shop in Blackville that I operate from in the summer, but during the winter I tie at my home in Millerton.  I can tie about a hundred different fly patterns and I tie and sell several thousand flies a year, which mainly pays for my tying material.  There isn’t any money in it, but you do meet a lot of fine people and it gives me something to do outside of work”, says Herbie.

 On February 6, 2001 Herbie first received some recognition for his tying when the local newspaper, The Miramichi Leader, featured an article where he was promoting a fly called the “Miramichi Cosseboom”. 

In April 2005 he appeared at the Dieppe Fly Flishing Forum where he demonstrated his fly tying ability to the public.

Herbie’s favorite flies are the “Blue Smelt Streamer” and “Red Butt Black Bear”.  When I asked Herbie who his favorite fly tyer is he chuckled and said, “Me, Herbert John Barry.” 

The largest salmon he landed to date was one he caught at Doctor’s Island in Blackville.  The estimated weight of the salmon was between 25-30 pounds.