Rev. Walter Chandler Lynch


 Everybody is creative in some way.  Fly tying is an art, not a craft.  It takes everything God gives to be creative.  When we become accomplished or successful, we become co-creators.

Rev. Walter Chandler Lynch was born on February 26, 1935 in Saint John, New Brunswick.  He was ordained a priest on May 15, 1985 having spent many years prior as the sales representative for the Canadian Linen Supply Ltd for most of New Brunswick.  He retired from the Ministry in 2004. 

His interest in fly tying was stimulated when he saw a young boy tying flies at an exhibition. He recalls saying to himself; “I'll dress flies some day.” 


Rev. Walter Chandler Lynch 1993

 Rev. Lynch started tying flies when he was a youth.  At that time you could buy a salmon fly for fifty cents.  But, fifty cents back then was a high price to pay for a fly, so this was another and very good reason for him to start tying his own.  Being an avid angler he needed a lot of flies for fishing and thus tying his own flies afforded him an endless supply.  Tying out of necessity soon gave way to tying flies for the love of it.  Tying flies is an art form and it became a passion for him. 

He learned the basics of fly tying from a couple of friends, but for the most part, like so many other New Brunswick fly tiers, he is self-taught.  He learned fast, and before long he was producing some excellent duplications of the standard fully dressed patterns. His untiring interest in the art of fly tying led Walter to places where the more experienced tiers were.  He attended tying seminars, demonstrations and competitions.  After many hours of devoted practice behind a fly tying vice he was ready to compete.  For a number of years he has entered his flies in competitions throughout Canada and the United States.  His flies earned respect at many of these events.  He occasionally hosts his own fly tying demonstrations.  For about the past 25 years he has been tying flies as a hobby.

Rev. Lynch loves fishing with a fly called the “Buck Bug.”  He enjoys casting his flies into the waters of the Big Salmon River near St. Martins, New Brunswick.  Walter believes the Big Salmon River is one of the most prolific in the province.  He caught his first grilse there using a “Green Cosseboom.”  The Bartibogue and Dungarvon Rivers are also on his list of favourite rivers.  The largest fish he caught weighed 20 pounds.  It was taken from the Black River near Saint John, New Brunswick.  

Over the years Rev. Lynch has designed very beautiful salmon flies.  One of his latest classic salmon fly creations is the “Jubilee 2000”.  It was designed in honour of the holy year, or jubilee declared by Pope John Paul II.  It was presented as a gift from the Catholic priests of the Miramichi area to the Most Reverend Joseph Faber MacDonald, D.D., Bishop of Saint John, marking the close of the “Jubilee 2000” year.  The colours for the body and rib of this fly was taken from the colours of the papal Jubilee crest used throughout the Holy Year.  The tippets of the Chinese lovebird on the outer wing are a blue and red colour, which Rev. Lynch used to represent the love of the Holy Spirit.  It reminded him of a blue and red flame of love pictures as flowing from the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Lynch is an avid salmon angler and a strong supporter for the preservation of the Atlantic salmon.His favourite fly to tie is the “Thunder and Lightning.”


Jubilee 2000

Hook:  Gut eye
Tag:     Oval silver tinsel
Tail:      Golden Pheasant crest
Butt:   Gold silk floss
Body: In four equal sections: blue, red, green and gold silk floss separated by black   ostrich herl with red Ibis veils over and under each section of the body
Rib Oval silver tinsel wrapped over each body section
Throat:  Teal
Wing:  Silver Pheasant tippets as an inner wing with Chinese Lovebird tippets for an outer wing
Cheeks English Blue Jay
Horns:  Blue Macaw
Topping:  Golden Pheasant Crest used with green Guinea fowl herl as an upper topping
Head: Black  




Durham Ranger tied in 1994 by Rev. Walter C. Lynch

In 1994 Fr. Walter Lynch was judged 2nd with his presentation of the "Silver Rat" entered in a fly tying competition held by Partridge of Redditch, Worcestershire, England.

In 2004 Fr. Lynch was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Salmon Association Eastern Newfoundland (SAEN) in recognition of placing 1st in the Classic Tying Category Newfoundland and Labrador Fly Tying Competition.



On January 30, 2007, Mrs. Debbie Norton, President of the Northumberland Salmon Protection Association (NSPA) presented Fr. Walter Lynch with the "Friend of the River Award" during the (NSPA) Annual Dinner & Auction, at Miramichi City, N.B. The award, which is presented annually, is in recognition of the recipient's generosity and contribution to angling, guiding, fly tying and conservation.


Jock Scott tied by Fr.W. Lynch for the Northumberland Salmon Protection Association Dinner & Auction, January 30, 2007. In the background painting, in the green canoe, is Fr. Lynch at the Chapel Bar Pool, Kingsclear, New Brunswick.