The Fly Tier's Fly Box

by Dewey H. Gillespie


He's got Brass Bugs and a Yellow May, Blond Burlap and a Shrimp,
Black Creeper and Green Damsel, a Green Rock Worm; These are nymphs.
Rough Badger Stone, and Golden Stone, Light Caddis; Goodness sakes!
The Fledermause, a Muskrat and a Black and Yellow Drake.

In Dry Flies, a Royal Coachman, a Mosquito and Blue Dun.
In Wulff's, he's got the Whites and Blonds and Greys and Grizzly ones.
Why, there's even deer hair Bombers that are fished till early fall,
And of course, Rat-Faced MacDougall who's the Daddy of them all.

Queen of Waters, Wickham's Fancy, Katterman and Peter Ross,
Female Beaverkill, and Woodruff, Near Enough and MacIntosh.
Soldier Palmer, Badger Spider, Dark Cahill and Green Egg Sac,
Coffin Fly and Greenwell's Glory, Black and Brown and Yellow Gnats.

Little Hare's Ear and Pink Lady, a Cross Special, Ginger Quill.
Gordon, Boercher, Leadwing Coachman and an Irresistible,
Dr. Parker, Colonel Monel, Salmon Skater, March Brown Flick,
Boys, are just the Cock-for-Dolly, or they'll really do the trick.

In Wet Flies, without word of lie, they put the rest to shame.
There are hundreds, even thousands, more than he could ever name
Beyond a doubt, there's more about than thousands, he'd suppose.
But, he'd like to take a minute just to name some that he knows.

There's the Grey Rat and a Silver Rat, a Black and Copper too,
A Mickey Finn, an Oriole, Jock Scott and Cosseboom.
A Squirrel Tail with a red butt and a Black Bear butted green,
A Lady Joan, Red Abby and the well known Green Machine.

Have you seen Rose of New England? Have you fished with Colonel Bates?
He has tried Herb Johnson Special, he has tried a Black Nosed Dace.
Dusty Miller, Copper Killer, Silver Doctor, Blue and Gray,
Abby, Baron, Baker, Akroyd, Kate and Lizzie, Claret Jay.

Lady Lois, Golden Pheasant, Durham Rangers one to three,
Silver Ghost and Bloody Mary, Bourbon Buck, and Miramichi.
Lady Caroline and Bulldog, Jungle Cock and Rusty Rat,
There's a Dandy, Douglas Graham and a Connemara Black.

Pearl and Ruby, Little Kelly, Lady Blanche and Lady Grace,
Kitty, Buttons, Ethel, Elsie, Bebits, Lady of the Lake.
Lady Bell and Campbell's Fancy, Dirty Orange, He Shoots-He Scores,