Fishing Guide

(A writing to Dewey Gillespie from a very respected friend AJH)


A good fisherman and guide will know all the vantage spots from which he can view the pool and spot the fish that lie in it without disturbing them.  A guide becomes a friend, a confidante, a partner, or a teacher, depending upon the needs of his particular sportsman.  A guide will suggest when to fish a pool and when to rest it, when to move on and when to stay.

Often he will have flies of his own, which he will lend you, flies he knows are effective because they caught salmon in the past.  A good fisherman and guide will follow the fly with his eye on every cast.  As a guide he will almost use a fisherman as an instrument for placing the fly where he, the guide wants it.  He will say, “Shorten the line a little bit, or cast a little more at an angle upstream, or lower your rod a little now.”  And if the angler does his bidding, he will, in most cases, have the best possible chance of hooking a salmon.