Favourite Flies

I recently asked a very respected fly tyer, and seasoned angler, about anglers choosing a favorite fly over the many hundreds, if not thousands of patterns, that exist.  The response I got was:
Favourite flies are flies used for low light, bright days, morning, afternoon and evening, in early summer, mid summer and fall. These choices are the result of many years on the river developing a fishing strategy, which in later years is etched in memory.  A practice, which can never be taught, but learned only through experience.

A favourite fly is usually the one you fish with most.  The “Butterfly” is one of the best when fished between 7 and 9 in the evening during the month of July, while the “Carter’s Bug” is a favorite when fished between 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening.  I have a “Green Machine”, but never use it now, and will not tell anyone if I do.  “Rags” is a dry fly of choice in the summer.
My favourites, would be:
 #1 the Carters Bug
 #2 Rags
 #3 Butterfly (White Wing red Butt)
 #4. General Practitioner (Soon to be the Chappie for the Fall)

 D’Arcy “Doris” O’Donnell (1886-1948) also had a very practical attitude concerning salmon flies.  “The best fly is the one that probably means the one you fish the most with.  It isn’t so much the fly you fish with as the way you offer it”, he said.