Everett Price

1893 - 1962


It is with the greatest pleasure and utmost respect that the fly tiers, fishermen, and river guides from the Miramchi present this tribute to Everett Price who was born on July 16, 1883 in Priceville, New Brunswick.  

Research indicates his fly tying career started in the early 1930's.  His experimenting with hair and feather-wing salmon flies eventually led to the development of a pattern that became very effective. He was one of earliest fly tiers in New Brunswick to develop a hair-wing version Atlantic salmon fly.  A long time friend of Everett, the late Aloysious “Wishy” Gillespie, recalled how Everett tied flies with a body shaped like a cigar; a trademark that he later taught to another famous fly tier, Ira Gruber.  Everett taught a lot of people how to tie flies.  Most of the tyers were between Renous to Boiestown, but he was extremely well known all over New Brunswick.  He was the type of person who was willing to share his tying knowledge if you were willing to listen.  “He was the best, a great guy.  He was a big man, and he had great big hands.  People were amazed at how he could tie such beautiful small flies with those big hands”, said “Wishy.” 



            Everett lived most of his life in the village of Blackville. It was there that he taught fly tying to Earl Donahue, Paul Gillespie and Hart Curtis, who became very well known for their tying in years to follow.           

Everett Price originated some of the most effective and best known salmon flies used by fishermen on the Miramichi.  His creations include the “Price's Dose”, “Black Squirrel”, “Buttermilk Brown” and “Brittany Special”, but his most famous creation is the “Rose of New England Streamer”.  Tied in a smaller size it can be as successful for trout as it is for salmon.  Very few salmon fishermen are without a “Rose of New England” in their fly box, especially during the spring salmon fishing season.  Abercrombie and Fitch Company credit judge Lee Parsons Davis, of White Plains, New York with having them catalogue it. 


  The Fly tiers from New Brunswick, especially the ones on the Miramichi recognize Everett Price as the originator of a fly called “Oriole.”  According to Wayne Curtis, noted writer, guide and angler, Everett Price tied the perfect “Oriole”, however it was Ira Gruber who was credited with the originating it.  Everett caught a lot of salmon with his flies, probably more than people who use expensive, exotic, fanciful and ornate feather creations from far away places. He was known to make his double hooks by using a couple of single hooks.  He would cut the eye off one; match it to the side of another, and wrap them together to form a double.  He kept the heads of his flies small by always placing two turns of the thread over the material to hold it in place, then he would back off a turn.


            Everett Price was an excellent guide who was very knowledgeable about the area, its people and fly-fishing for salmon.  For a short time, he served as a Game Warden.  He was also a camp builder.  In the 1940's, the Miramichi-Renous Club enlisted his help to pick the sight where they eventually built their camp.  He was also an entertainer, a good fiddler and could recite poetry for hours on end.  Many a night, he'd have the guests and guides tapping toes and bellowing songs from sundown to sunrise.



In 1949, Everett Price became increasingly disabled with bronchial asthma and arthritis of his hands, both of which precluded any “poling on the river.”  Just prior to his death in 1962 Everett continued to tie flies.  His salmon fly patterns will forever be a reference in the history of Atlantic salmon fishing.  He is a true inspiration for every New Brunswick fly tier, fisherman and guide.

In 1985 Everett Price was inducted into the Atlantic Salmon Hall of Fame at the Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown, New Brunswick






Rose of New England Streamer originated by Everett Price and tied by Paul Gillespie January 2005


“Rose of New England”


Head:               Black

Tag:                  Several turns of narrow embossed silver tinsel

Tail:                  Golden pheasant crest

Butt:                 Several turns of red wool

Body:               Embossed silver tinsel.  Behind the head is another equal sized butt made of                               several turns of red wool.

Rib:                  Oval silver tinsel

Wing:               Equal bunches of bucktail starting with yellow, red and then topped with brown


Price's Dose Tied by Paul Gillespie