Daniel Titus Carr

1906 - 1979


Daniel Titus “Danny” Carr was born on December 23, 1906 in Doaktown, New Brunswick.  He was the son of Emily Melissa (nee Stewart) and John Frederick Carr. 


Danny Carr holding a huge salmon he caught in the 1950’s


Danny Carr lived all his life in the Doaktown area wher he worked as a carpenter and guide for the Gilks House in Doaktown and Tom Boyd Outfitters in Blackville before beginning outfitting on his own.  His greatest love was the river and whenever he wasn’t building homes he was guiding Sportsmen and fishing.  The visiting Sportsmen recognized the love and acknowledged that Danny Carr had for the river.  He was noted as an outstanding guide and became famous for his handcrafted flies used to catch salmon on the Miramichi River.  As usually is the case with successful guides and fly tyers, he became interested in fishing salmon while quite young.

Danny Carr will be remembered best for his fly tying, an art he practiced for over 50 years.  He was always praised for the durability of his flies, and how they could catch fish.  Thomas Balash, an American Sportsman and professional fly tyer, praised the neatness of Danny Carr’s flies.

According to George “Jordie” Donald, one of Danny’s longtime fishing and guiding friends, Danny originated a real good fly in the 1940’s and named it the “Ginger Streamer”.  The fly became very popular among the local fishermen.  It was most effective when used in the early part of May.

Daniel Titus Carr died on October 14, 1979.  In 1986 he was inducted into the Atlantic Salmon Hall of Fame at the Atlantic Salmon Museum in Doaktown, New Brunswick.  In 1995 he was added to Where The Rivers Meet “The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick” collection.


 “Ginger Streamer” originated by Daniel Titus “Danny” Carr 1940’s

This version was tied January 2005 by World Champion Fly Tyer Jerome Molloy


Ginger Streamer 

Tag:   Fine oval gold tinsel
Body:  Yellow wool, or floss
Rib:  Medium oval gold tinsel
Wing: Four dark brown hackles
Throat: Yellow buck tail extending to ¾ the length of the body
Cheeks: Jungle Cock
Head: Black