Clyde Joseph Goldrup


Clyde J. Goldrup was born in Bathurst, New Bruswick on December 1, 1940.  He is the son of the late Eva and Eldon Goldrup.  Eldon is a member of the Fly Tyers of New Brunswick “The First Generation” collection. 

Clyde was 14-years old when his father started teaching him how to tie flies.  Since then he has mostly tied trout flies but for the last twenty years he has also been tying salmon flies.  When he began trying flies in 1954 he did so out of curiosity.  Eventually tying became his hobby and today he does it for relaxation and the enjoyment of providing quality flies to many fishermen along the Nepisiquit River.  His flies are very reasonably priced and the profit from the sale of the flies help to sustain his supply of fly tying material. 


For the last 20 years he has fished Atlantic salmon and caught his first salmon in 1966 at the “V Pool” on the Nepisiquit River, New Brunswick.  While raising a family it was difficult to fish for salmon so he concentrated on trout fishing so he could spend more time with his family.  Fly tying and salmon fishing have become passions for him.

Clyde is also an amateur artist.  His paintings are local scenes from the Bathurst area, but he also loves to paint portraits of fully dressed salmon flies.

             Before retiring in 1998, Clyde worked for 38 years as a Mechanical Foreman at the Consolidated Bathurst Mill. 

When he was younger he used to build rods, but now he only does small repairs on them.  He is a member of the Nepisiquit Salmon Association and a New Brunswick registered guide with a Class II license.

The following fly patterns were originated by Clyde J. Goldrup between 1990 and 2000.  These flies were tied in March 2005.




Salmon Fly Patterns


Tail:      orange calf tail                                                  Tail:      Flourescent yellow calf tail

Butt:     1 turn of orange wool (optional)                        Body:   Natural deer hair

Body:   Natural deer hair                                               Hackle:Orange saddle hackle

Hackle:Coachman brown saddle hackle                        Head:   Black Laquer

                        plus one wrap orange hackle at base

Head:   Black Laquer

Hook:   3/906-B #4 and #6




May Fly (1999)                                              Orange Muddler (2000)


Thread:             Black                                                               Tail:      Scarlet red floss

Antenna:           Brown monofilament                                         Body:   Gold flat tinsel  

Body:               Light green nylon                                              Wing:   Turkey quill & natural deer                   

Wing:               Teal, or Mallard feather                                                hair top and bottom

Hackle: Olive green                                                       Head:   Orange deer hair trimmed

                                                                                                            to form head    

                                                                                                Hook:   #6 and #8





                Green Butt Shrimp (1999)                                     Green Butt Ghost (1990)


Tag:      Silver Tinsel                                                      Tag:      Silver Tinsel

Butt:     Greenwood                                                      Butt:     Greenwood tyed 1/3 of hook

Body:   Orange andtron material                                    Body:   Black micro chenille or Black

                        & medium oval tinsel                                                     wool with large oval tinsel (silver)

Tail:      Several strands orange Bucktail             Wing:   White calf toil very sparce extend

Wing:   Golden pheasant tippet                                     past the end of hook

Hackle:One turn orange hackle                         Hackle:Black hackle (Optional)

Head:   Red Lacquer                                                    Hook:   #6 and #8                    

Hook:   #6 and #8


Trout Fly Pattern


Black Muddler (2000)


                                    Tail:      Red feather

                                                Body:   Gold flat tinsel

                                    Wing:   Turkey quill & black deer

                                                                        hair top & bottom

                                    Head:   Black deer hair trimmed

                                                            to form head

                                                Hook:   #9272 #6 and #8