Walter Francis “Budd” Kitchen

Walter Francis “Budd” Kitchen was born on September 5, 1937 in Chatham, New Brunswick.  He was born of Loyalist and Acadian blood to Mary (nee Cool) and the late Walter Kitchen.

At the age of 17, he joined the armed forces where he served for several years before moving into the business world.  At the time of his retirement in 1993, he was the Western Regional Sales Manager for a major truck manufacturing company in Canada.

Budd enjoys all facets of the outdoors.  His love of angling has taken him throughout much of Canada in pursuit of game fish, but there is no other fish that can provide more excitement to hook than the Atlantic salmon.

W.F. “Budd” Kitchen 1994

 “Budd’s” interest in fly tying began in the late 1960's.  He was visiting his brother-in-law, Paul Barry, who showed him the fundamentals of fly tying.  It didn't take “Budd” long to learn the basics, and by the early 1970's he had mastered the art of tying hair-wing patterns.  His interest then turned toward the more difficult fully dressed patterns.  He started studying their construction, and after years of self-study he tied his first fully dressed salmon fly called “The Orange Parson.”  In 1993 he became a partner in the creation of “where The Rivers Meet” The Fly Tyers of New Brunswick collection and began displaying his fully dressed salmon flies in a framed format.

Since 1993, Budd Kitchen has devoted a great deal of his time and effort to awakening the interest in fly tying in New Brunswick by putting on fly tying demonstrations on how to tie, not only the standard hair-wing and strip wing patterns, but the fully dressed salmon fly patterns.  He has tied at a number of major galleries, and museums throughout the province and was instrumental in helping to build the largest existing collection on the history of New Brunswick Fly Tiers.  The collection called “Where The Rivers Meet” The Fly Tiers of New Brunswick, has been displayed several times yearly at various venues throughout the province since 1994. 

Budd Kitchen's favourite fully dressed salmon fly is the “Jock Scott.”  He maintains that this fly encompasses all the various steps required in tying the fully dressed salmon flies.  He enjoys tying all the well-known patterns, but he has also created several unique and outstanding patterns of his own.  In 1992, he originated the “Grouse Mouse.”  In 1993, he created the “Irish Warrior.”  During 1994, he originated the “Diplomat” and “Moisie Mistress” for the World Fly-Tying Championship in Quebec.  In 1995, he was commissioned by the Miramichi Rivermen Hockey Club to create the beautiful “Riverman.”  In 1997, he designed the beautiful “Miramichi Classic.”  This fly adorns the front cover of the Spring 1998 publication “Get Hooked on the Miramichi”, which is a report that provides Miramichiers throughout Northumberland county with an inclusive and comprehensive look at many facets of day to day life on the banks of the beautiful but mighty Miramichi.

          On October 29, 1996, a gallery framed collection of Budd’s fully dressed fly patterns, and a fly box containing 40 of Miramichi’s most popular salmon flies was presented to His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales.

On October 23, 1997 the Atlantic Salmon Federation / New Brunswick Salmon Council honoured Budd Kitchen for his contribution to the sport of angling for Atlantic Salmon in New Brunswick by having distinguished himself in the art of Crafting and Designing Atlantic Salmon flies.  Budd was presented with an award at the 6th Annual Atlantic Salmon Federation / New Brunswick Salmon Council Dinner in Fredericton, New Brunswick.  “Budd” is considered a modern day “Norman Rockwell” of fly tying in the realm of fly tying in New Brunswick.

 If there's one other thing “Budd” Kitchen loves as much as tying flies, its fishing.  From the time the salmon ice goes out and the salmon return to the rivers, “Budd” is out there in pursuit of them.  During this time he avoids the tying vice unless he needs a particular pattern, or unless his friends request a fly. In any event, he seldom ties flies during the summer. 

Budd does most of his fishing on the Northwest Miramichi River, but he can be lured to any river that has Atlantic salmon.

H.R.H. The Prince of Whales with W.F. “Budd” Kitchen in October 1996


Budd at the vice in 1996


Irish Warrior

 Tag:                  Gold twist, and dark green floss

Tail:                  Golden Pheasant crest, and strands of Golden Pheasant tippets dyed burgundy

Butt:                  Black Ostrich herl

Body:                 Rear third: Bright yellow floss

Front two-thirds: Bright green floss

Ribs:                 Gold twist

Hackle:              Bright yellow

Throat:              Guinea dyed green

Wings:               Strands of tippets dyed burgundy topped with Peacock sword fibers, Green, Yellow, black, yellow, green Goose shoulder

Sides:                Jungle Cock

Cheeks:              Imitation Indian Crow dyed Burgundy

Topping: Golden Pheasant crest

Horns:               Red Macaw

Head:                Black Ostrich herl