A Boy & A Pond

(A writing to Dewey Gillespie from a very respected friend AJH)


 In northern New Brunswick a boy and a pond were born about the same time.  The pond was approximately two hundred yards long, and resulted from beaver damming a small brook that was a series of small pools in mid-summer.  Before the brook was dammed, the small pools held a few trout.  When the boy first fished there he used an alder pole and worms, and stood on the edge of the dam.  Today the boy is twelve years old, equipped with the best spinning gear and an avid trouter.  As the pond ages it is likely to fill rapidly, for the beaverís impoundment may be subject to immediate siltation.  In months or years it may be only inches deep, floored by several feet of decayed matter and mud, and without a trout.  The boy, most likely will convert to fur and feathers this year and become a fly fisher, and I cannot help thinking that they make better sportsmen and men respectful of their quarry, itís environment, and the need to protect both.