A Salmon's Struggle

By Dewey H. Gillespie


He raised his hand and plucked the fur and feathers from his vest,
Then stepped into the pool, and waded water to his chest.
Stripping line, he falsely cast the fly-hook through the air,
And let it drop behind a rock for what was waiting there.

The reel is screamed out loud, "She's hooked!" The bamboo rod it bent.
The salmon thrashed, the water splashed as through the pool, she went.
The river's face exploded, she shook with all her might,
And cursed the iron Demon in her jaw, that held her tight.

She dived into the depth below, she crashed against the rocks.
She slipped, she slid, although she did to free herself, could not.
The bamboo rod with nylon line through eyes of tempered steel,
Held fast the mighty salmon to the tether at the reel.

She glistened 'neath the mid-day sun, she choked from lack of air.
Her mind it fought the horrid thought, "Does death await me here?"
"Oh! Say will I, will I be denied my journey home from sea?"
"Will I not go on? Will I never spawn in the bed of the Miramichi?"